Picknick Aue Sachsen Erzgebirge exhibition

An exhibition for the »850 Years Anniversary« of Aue in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge)

Stadt.Bild.Aue | Discover your city!

A window display exhibition in shops in central Aue

February – December 2023


We welcome you to our overview page of the exhibition and congratulate the city of Aue on its anniversary!

This project was supported by the Saxon simul+ MitmachFonds


Historical architecture in cityscape panoramas of the centre of Aue

For STADT.BILD.AUE, a special portrait of the centre of Aue was created in linearised streetscapes. These visualise the centre of the small town in the Ore Mountains in unusual representations that show us how the town rapidly developed into an urban centre in the age of industrialisation. Some small-town buildings from earlier centuries can still be seen, but metropolitan Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau architecture predominates. In addition, we were able to document examples of the monumental industrial architecture of the time, such as the former Wellner factories.

Here you will find an overview of the streetline representations from Aue that have already been published:

Impressions from the exhibition “STADT.BILD.AUE”

Our exhibition can be found in numerous shop windows in the centre of Aue – for example in Café Picknick or in the bookshop at Altmarkt. Not only our photographer was on the road for the project, but also the local historian of Auer, Heinz Poller, Karla Hecker and employees of the town museum went on the trail. Historical photographs were searched through, building files were searched in the city archives and information about the streets and buildings depicted was collected. The exhibition panels contain data on the individual buildings, background texts and historical images for comparison. For example, the photos show how Wettinerstraße grew piece by piece around 1895, where the largest cinema in the region once stood and how the Old Town Hall shaped the Altmarkt.

Ausstellungsposter Stadtbild Aue Poster Altmarkt Wellner Werk Hauptpost Aue, Erzgebirge
The team behind the exhibition Poster “Altmarkt Aue”
Poster Alfred Brodauf Strasse in Aue Erzgebirge Karla Hecker Jörg Dietrich Schaufenster Ausstellung Stadt.Bild.Aue
Alfred-Brodauf-Strasse Karla Hecker and Photographer Jörg Dietrich in front of an exhibition display

At the moment there are 8 exhibition panels hanging in Aue – a second part of the exhibition with another 4-5 panels will be hung at the end of March/beginning of April.

A virtual exhibition

It is planned to develop a virtual version of the exhibition by the middle of the year, so that friends from outside the region and those who have moved away from Aue can also participate in the city’s anniversary. You will then find access to the virtual tour here.