Hamburg Deichstrasse Straßenzug Cityscape Germany

A celebration of the uniqueness of streets that you have never seen this way before.

Projects like Googles’ Street View or Microsofts’ Street Side and already planned future projects will form an impressive virtual picture of our world, or parts of it. For decades to come this will preserve a detailled impression of the world today. PanoramaStreetline adds to that by collecting selected street views of cities and villages all over the world and puts uniqueness and traditions of architectural developments of different places into focus.

With our project we follow several photographers that already worked and experienced with streetline or linear panoramas. In germany, france and venezia the german photographer Thomas Riehle made street panoramas starting in 1990. Michael Koller created seamless city a photographic street portrait of San Francisco. A wide variety of subjects was photographed by Michael Westmoreland. Stephan Kaluza meanwhile, took pictures of extremely long scenes along the Thames, the Rhine and the Berlin Wall. Dan Weeks did a street level photography project of New York in 1982. Guillaume Fulchiron did Panoramas Linéaires in recent years in France and Larry Yust created photographic elevations at several places in europe, america and asia. We could add more as with digital techniques the possibilities to create such panoramas improved greatly in the last 10 years. So we hope to widen the repertoire in this field of panorama photography and invite photographers doing the same to join us as stated on our photographers page.