Foto Leipziger Ring exhibition Leipzig

Our most ambitious project so far, prepared over the last two years, presents a continuous street view of the complete 3.5 km long Leipziger Ring (Leipzig’s central street circle around the old town). The idea was brought up to us by the publishing house Lehmstedt Verlag, who confronted us with a complete view of the Leipziger Ring as a lithography ca. 1850. The question was raised if it would be possible to create a modern pendant of this for the 1000 years anniversary of Leipzig in 2015.

This photographic view is presented in the municipal library of Leipzig until mid june 2015 in an almost unbelievable image ratio of 1:35 as a 30 metre wide print. There one can directly compare the cityscapes of 1850 and 2015 on two prints positioned parallely. Wit some surprises – it is no more than two buildings along the full Leipziger Ring that still exist today. Furthermore lots of the modern streets exiting the centre didn’t exist yet in the 1850 city, still structured by its former medieval walls. More backgrounds, images and infos have been put together on the project page

The book “Panorama des Leipziger Rings 1850 | 2015” was published by the Lehmstedt Verlag in march 2015.

The Leipziger Ring in one panorama image as a video animation (detail views from 0:30 min):

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These parts of the Leipziger Ring panorama have already been published in our archive: