Chemnitz streetart 2017

Only 2 more weeks and the ibug will open its doors for the 13th time on 24th of august 2018 (again in Chemnitz, inside the former Nadel- und Platinenfabrik in Wapplerstrasse). So we will use the moment to finally look back at the 12th issue of ibug inside the VEB Spezialmaschinenfabrik Chemnitz (SPEMAFA) last august (ibug 2017).

UPDATE October 2018: A first view of one of the rooms of IBUG 2018.

The term ibug means Industriebrachenumgestaltung (german for industry ruin redesign) and it is a street art festival which first happened in 2006 in Meerane and then moved to several cities in western saxony (e.g. Crimmitschau, Zwickau, Plauen, Glauchau), before in 2017 moving to the bigger Chemnitz for the first time. The next festival will also take place in Chemnitz 24.08. to 02.09.2018.

As we did in the previous years we took the opportunity to document the wall redesign inside the old factory (and outside) as streetlines. For the first time we publish an incomplete summary of our work at the ibug 2017. Beside a street front of the short stretch along August-Bebel-Strasse we mainly present wall fronts from inside the building… We thank the ibug festival for urban art for the permission to show these images here. Also we happily name artists who’s work is shown in these images below the panoramas (just get in contact).

Chemnitz street front ibug 2017

The short front of the SPEMAFA building along the highly frequented August-Bebel-Strasse. (unfinnished)

Maggio Chemnitz 17

Luca di Maggio Chemnitz 2017

A side entrance to the complex has been redesigned with these historic cyclists by Luca di Maggio.

streetart ibug 2017 chemnitz

Chemnitz ibug 2017 Wandgestaltung

Chemnitz ibug 2017 Wandgestaltung

streetart ibug 2017 chemnitz Räume

A selection of room and floor situations at the ibug 2017 inside the SPEMAFA buildings, each designed by several artists. (unfinnished)

streetart ibug 2017 chemnitz

A stairway inside the building with a monster love story by Taina Thoma (#tainagram) which runs around corners and through levels.

We documented further situations which have not been worked on yet. These include more walls, the inner court of the complex and the street front along Lerchenstrasse. More impressions from the ibug 2017 can be found, amongst others, at isupportstreetart jonas-haller brooklynstreetart earlydocbird

And here we add earlier street fronts from ibug festivals that have been published in our archive:

Now we are looking forward to the next festival in Chemnitz and taking a first look at the building in Wapplerstrasse we have a little hope there might be another large street front redesigned, like in our example from Crimmitschau 😉

Innenhof SPEMAFA Chemnitz ibug 2017
mural at Chemnitz ibug 2017