Tuchfabrik Werdau Saxony Exhibition

A contribution to industrial culture in Saxony

Augen auf ibug | Perspectives of the ibug Festivals 2013-2023

A shop window exhibition in Werdau town centre

October – December 2023


Vernissage for our open weekend | 14:00 on 11.11.2023 at Tuchfabrik Werdau


On display are panoramic perspectives from 11 years of ibug festivals, selected and created from the PanoramaStreetline archive. They can be seen in shop windows at the marketsquare, in August-Bebel-Straße (No. 23) and in the Tuchfabrik Werdau. Come to the Tuchfabrik (August-Bebel-Straße 87/89) on the weekend of 11/12 November 2023 for an open addition to the exhibition with a vernissage and the photographer Jörg Dietrich in attendance.

industry culture exhibition with street art in Saxony, Werdau

Schaufenster Tuchfabrik | ibug 2013 Zwickau, ibug 2015 Plauen

Tuchfabrik Factory in Werdau, Saxony, exhibition view

Schaufenster Tuchfabrik | ibug 2016-2019 Reichenbach, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Chemnitz

ibug exhibition Werdau marketplace, Saxony

Schaufenster Markt 39

ibug Zwickau Streetlines, exhibition in Werdau, Saxony

ibug 2020 Zwickau

Our exhibition is a joint project with the association “Wir in Werdau”, a co-operation with the ibug Festival and is sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony.

The world-renowned ibug festival (short for Industriebrachenumgestaltung) is a product of south-west Saxony. It was launched in 2006 by graffiti artist Tasso in Meerane and took place on brownfield sites in Meerane in the first few years. Since 2012, it has been travelling through cities in the region and has already taken place in Zwickau, Crimmitschau, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Glauchau, Plauen and Reichenbach. After 2017, Chemnitz and Flöha were added to the list of venues, and this year Leipzig for the first time.

The core idea of ibug is to bring together artists (m/f/d) from all over the world to create a transient work of art. Street art, installations and multimedia art are utilised. The artists are free in terms of content, but often incorporate the history and architecture of the respective industrial wasteland. According to the ibug organisers, up to 100 international artists come together for ibug every year. The event is rounded off by several festival weekends on the respective site with a programme of music, film and design.

ibug exhibition in Saxony, Germany

ibug 2014 Crimmitschau, ibug 2023 Leipzig

ibug exhibition with Flöha images in Werdau, Saxony

ibug 2021/2022 in der Buntpapierfabrik in Flöha

Since 2014, the PanoramaStreetline team has been photographically accompanying the annual events and documenting them in series of photographs. The focus of our photographic work is on the interaction between architecture and art. The wide-ranging panoramic compositions of ibug locations illustrate how the artists interact with each other, complement each other and incorporate the theme of the respective wasteland. At the same time, we show what framework the architecture of the location provides for the artists and how their design and ideas change our perception of the buildings and architecture. In doing so, they sometimes cover entire building façades, large interior spaces or small-scale spatial structures, right through to spatial artworks that extend across all sides of a room or stairwell. Last but not least, depending on the location, ibug also repeatedly creates opportunities for street art to radiate into the townscape, comment on it, change it and have a lasting effect.

Our exhibition is intended to serve as inspiration and at the same time as a stimulus to reflect on our industrial history and how we could deal with the remaining legacy of the industrial age in terms of design.

Panoramas of the ibug festivals already published in our archive:

Examples of other ibug streetlines from the exhibition “Augen auf ibug“:

Street Art bei der ibug in Flöha, Mittelsachsen, 2021, Fotografie Dokumentation

ibug 2021 | Flöha | Buntpapierfabrik | Artists: Robert Deutsch

Luca di Maggio Chemnitz 2017

ibug 2017 | Chemnitz | VEB Spezialmaschinenfabrik | Artists: Luca di Maggio

ibug Artists HiFi Threehouse Eitel Jemine 2013 in Zwickau

ibug 2013 | Zwickau | Eisenwerk | Artists: HiFi, Threehouse, Lean Frizzera, Jemine, Eitel u.a.

ibug 2019 | Reichenbach/Vogtland | Bahnbetriebswerk | Artists: Cristian Scutaru (Rumänien)


Apropo, the Werdau cloth factory is itself a little sight. If you look up, you can hardly miss the restored clothmaker’s frieze.

Tuchfabrik Werdau mit Tuchmacherfries, Sanierung Sachsen Industriekultur