University Buildings

Over the years we have documented some of the most stunning university buildings in our linearized Streetline technique. Especially in europe you can find magnificent historic universities that are also some of the oldest still existing universities in the world. Their architectural styles reflect the wealth that existed in the cities and states that funded these universities, but also the ideas and preferences that were prevalent at the times these buildings were built, which often were meant to influence and inspire the spirit of the university and its students and professors.

Below you find a list of currently finnished and published university buildings in our archive. Click them for more info on each building. These include the modern main building of the University of Leipzig (second oldest in Germany), the main buildings of universities in Copenhagen, Houston and Rostock, but also the classicist Propylaea of the University of Athens. Our title image shows a preview of the Sackville Street Building of the University of Manchester.

Preview Panoramas

We documented several more universities, especially in europe but also in the USA. So next we add a few previews of yet unfinnished streetline panoramas. The aforementioned Manchester buildings was once the main building of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) before that merged with the University of Manchester in 2004.

A very prominent university is the Sorbonne in Paris, here we see its main building on Rue des Ecoles.

Universite Sorbonne de Paris, France

Next up we see the building of the University Library (Universitätsbibliothek) of the University of Heidelberg, the oldest university in Germany.

Universität Heidelberg

Another University in England and one of its two most prominent is the University of Cambridge. Here we see the front of King’s College, the so-called King’s Parade along Trumpington Street in the city centre of Cambridge.

Cambridge University Kings College

It is not exactly a university, but Eton College in England is definately one of the most famous higher schools in the world, that produced 20 Prime Ministers and educated a number of Royals of the United Kingdom. Here we see its street front along Eton’s High Street.

Eton College England

Finally an unusual example, Juleum Novum in Helmstedt is no university anymore, as the University is not existing anymore, but once it was its main building – also it is not really a panorama this time:

Universität Helmstedt Architektur

Now for anybody still reading down here, we will list a number of universities that we documented buildings of over the last years, which we would be able to create streetlines from in the future.


Starting with France, we documented the main building of the Sorbonne in Paris, the Campus Victoire of Bordeaux University, the building on Rue du Theatre Francais of Aix-Marseille University and street fronts of Lyon Universite Lumiere Lyon 2 and Universite Lyon 3 Jean Moulin.

In the United Kingdom we documented, besides Cambridge, Eton and Manchester as mentioned above, the University of Bristol, the Senate House of the University of London and in Scotland the University of Glasgow as well as the University of Strathclyde.

In Germany we also documented buildings of the universities of Münster, Fulda, Greifswald, Hamburg, Wittenberg and Chemnitz. Furthermore the Alte Universität in Mainz, the old and new university in Freiburg, the HTWK and HGB in Leipzig, the LMU and the TU in Munich and the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Other european universities include the Universite Liege in Belgium, the Palazzo dell Universita in Genoa in Italy, the University in Ortaköy/Istanbul and in Poland the University Adam Mickiewicz and the Economy University in Poznan as well as Wroclaw Uniwersytet.


In the United States we documented buildings of the NYU and Columbia in New York, the University of Rhode Island campus in Providence and Brown University in the same city as well as a few buildings at Yale in New Haven. In Boston/Cambridge we included buildings at Harvard and the MIT. Furthermore we documented buildings of Pennsylvania State University in Philadelphia and the University of Washington in Seattle.

Hopefully you liked to see these university buildings in these unique linearized perspectives. Please let us know and get in contact with us if you have suggestions for other universities to document or would like us to finnish any of the mentioned documented university views.