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15 Cities | Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Zwickau, Genoa, Nice, Rouen, Athens, Puebla, Copenhagen, Basle, Canterbury, Luxor

It was three years ago that we presented a StudioStopOver of unfinnished panoramas from different cities. Which means we have a rough composition of a series of photos but we haven’t begun with the 2-3 days of detail editing yet. Indeed out of the eight cities we showed then, only two finnished panoramas have been published until now. So we thought with all the new preview material that has been created since then, it would be a pity not to show at least some of it. Especially given the fact, that most of these might not be published in three years time as well… (so if anyone is interested in seeing one of these finnished, just get in contact)

To enlarge these previews simply click the images.

Lets start with Brussels. The belgian or indeed european capital is not short of impressive historic architecture. Here we see the slope up Coudenberg and a mix of different styles of representative architecture.

Brüssel Coudenberg Architekturfotografie

Typically Amsterdam – a canalscape with dutch gabled houses. In this case the unusual view is that the De Krijtberg church towers above all the other buildings along the Singel canal.

Amsterdam Singel bei Koningsplein Fassade Architektur

In Hamburg you cannot find much that looks typically old town. One of the few exemptions is this streetview with some classic hanseatic buildings in Deichstrasse.

Hambur Architektur Panorama Altstadt

The Hans-Lilje-Platz in Hanover is dominated by the Marktkirche (market church). If you rotate your view however, you can see this impressive street front of north german architecture.

Hannover Architektur Fassaden

In our archive we have shown a dozen of examples of representative architecture from central Leipzig. So our preview here presents something different – the ensemble of the main fire station with the IHK building (chamber of commerce) at the northwest corner of the Leipziger Ring. Additionally this is a seldom view of Leipzig in snow covered winter.

Leipzig Sachsen Architektur Leipziger Ring

The Hauptstrasse (main street) in Zwickau, in southwest saxony. This street view is dominated by an Art Nouveau department store building on the left (standing empty now). Zwickau is celebrating its 800 years anniversary in 2018, so chances for a realization of this view are not bad…

Zwickau streetview Innenstadt Einkaufszone

A real UNESCO world heritage gem is the Via Garibaldi (also Strada Nuova) in Genoa. The Palazzi of the rich patricians, built here since the 16th century, became a prototype for european city palaces in the coming centuries.

Genua Via Garibaldi Panorama

In Nice in France the Promenade des Anglais became a sad place in 2016. However, the miles long shore promenade, of which we see the eastern start point here, is still the pulsating heart of the mediterranean city.

Nice Promenade des Anglais Panorama

France again – this is a section of the central Rue du Gros-Horloge in Rouen with its eye-catching half-timbered houses, of which we published another street front before.

Rouen Fachwerkhäuser Panorama

Further on towards Athens. Ermou Street stretches through the complete city centre and ends at the famous Syntagma-Square. This is a section from the central area and here restored and not yet renovated buildings create a varied mix.

Athen Ermou Strasse Panorama Altstadt

The area around Calle 6 Sur in mexican Puebla is regarded the artists quarter of the city. Hence there is a number of small arts and crafts shops as well as cafés here, which is all underlined by the colourful building walls.

Puebla streetview street front panorama

The Peblinge Lake in Copenhagen is one of the three Lakes that separate the center with the city districts west of it. Here we see the central street front on the east side of the lake.

Copenhagen Lake Panorama

The Minster Square in Basle is indeed dominated by the Basler Minster (Münster in german). These classic swiss buildings on its southwest side however, remain an important part of the impressive ensemble around the square.

Basle Muensterplatz Panorama Facades

At the buttermarket in Canterbury, the left part of the panorama, we see the Cathedral Gate – the entrance towards the famous Canterbury Cathedral. The right side of the panorama depicts the buildings strecthing along Burgate street.

Canterbury Buttermarket and Burgate with Cathedral Gate

Finally a look towards Egypt – inside the area of Luxor at the Nile. On the western side of the Nile, close to the Valley of Kings, craftspeople have settled in the village Sawalim and attract tourists with colourful egyptian murals along the buildings.

Luxor Egypt Handcraft Village

So much for now. What else is there in our archive? We will look upon more at another time. However, you can also check the worldmap in our Streetlines area, the grey markers there mark about 5000 streets and squares with untouched photographic material hiding inside the archive…