Rostock Panorama

8 Cities | Leipzig, Atlixco, Quedlinburg, Rostock, London, Berlin, Rudolstadt, Istanbul

We thought it’d be nice to give an impression of some panoramas that are far from being finnished, but roughly stitched, so they already reveal what a finnished streetline will look like. The reason, we have not finnished them yet, is, it will take another 10-20 hours each to do all the detail work and we just can’t find the time. However, in case you have a certain interest in a finnished image, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Leipzig street panorama

We have already published an unfinnished view of the other side of Leipzigs’ Petersstrasse. However this is probably the more intriguing side. And it will be a hell of a lot of work to finnish that one day. [Update: Finnished and partly Published]

Atlixco Panorama

Another 2011 work from Mexico. From the small town of Atlixco we prepared this view of a striking complex at 4 Norte.

Quedlinburg Panorama

Quedlinburg (Sachsen-Anhalt) is a german Unesco world heritage site and we documented several streets there. However due to lacking interest we only made this test view of a little narrow street (Kornmarkt) so far.

Rostock Panorama

A recent work from Rostock (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Germany) and its main shopping street – Kröpeliner Strasse. The documented fotos cover the whole part towards the market square on the right side. [Update: Finnished and Published]

London Canary Wharf Panorama

London Canary Wharf, view from the South Quai. Interesting view, but complicated work with the bridges and the 3 dimensionality.

Berlin Street Panorama

The Hermannplatz in Berlin/Kreuzberg as a street panorama with a shortened public bus.

Rudolstadt Marktstrasse

Two sections of the Marktstrasse (the connection is also a little tricky) of Rudolstadt, a charming small town in Thuringia that houses germanys’ biggest folk festival.


An indoor view of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. We actually photographed a much longer stretch, so this might turn out bigger in the end.

So much for now, but we will surely give another hint at unfinnished pieces again, we have several more. Cities that are currently being worked on include Prague, Munich, Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Chemnitz, Amsterdam, Osnabrück and Crimmitschau. If you like to check what streets and cities we have in our archive and could work on, find them in our list and with yellow markers in our worldmap.