It’s time again for a look into our archive of unfinished projects. This time we took a look at our Patreon posts of the last 18 months. In our Patreon-Profil you can support us for as little as 1€ and get regular insights into unfinished or unpublished Streetline works. In other support tiers you will receive regular mail from us or even specially made art prints.

Since the last ImageEditingBreak 4 years ago we have published three of the then unfinished streetlines and from our first StudioStopOver another three projects have been published in finished form. Why do we even bother to show unfinished work? Unfinished for us means, we have already roughly put together the streetline composition, but the 2-4 day detail work has not yet been started. Because of the time factor, many of these cityscapes will not be completed in the foreseeable future, but we still don’t want to deprive you of all of these unusual city views (so if anyone is interested in us completing a streetline, just contact us).

To see the designs larger, just click on the images.

Kings College Cambridge

Let’s start in Cambridge at the not quite unknown Cambridge University. Here you can see the front of the most famous college of the city, the King’s College. Even the street section is called King’s Parade and shows the King’s College Chapel on the right side of the panorama.

Cambridge University College England UK

Speicherstadt Hamburg

This warehouse complex at Brooktorkai in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt is actually almost finished and should be published in the near future. Also, with the archived footage, we could add the block on the right.

Hamburg Speicherstadt Brooktor Straßenzug Industrie Speichergebäude historisch Deutschland

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace is a hotel and casino complex in Paradise/Las Vegas. Here we see two of the large hotel towers, the Octavius Tower (left) and the Augustus Tower (right) right at the roadside of the complex.

Las Vegas Arizona Facades on the strip

Estació de França Barcelona

The train station Estació de França (France Station) is a central train station in Barcelona and once was the terminal station for the railway France – Costa Brava. On the right edge we also see a building of the regional government of Barcelona (Gobierno de Barcelona).

Barcelona Bahnhof Spanien Katalonien Architektur Panorama

Marktgasse Bern

Marktgasse is a historic street in the old town of Bern in the typical Bernese architectural style lined with arcades. Along the street we finde the Anna-Seiler fountain and the Schützenbrunnen. To the northeast is the Kornhausplatz, which has already been published as a streetline.

Marktgasse Bern Suisse street front panorama preview

Plattenbau in Slupsk

In the Polish town of Slupsk/Stolp in Pomerania, this prefabricated building is located in the historic center. Here, an obvious attempt was made to refer to typical Hanseatic gabled houses in the design.

Stolp Plattenbau - Slupsk prefab buildings

Macy’s New York

The New York flagship store of the Macy’s department store chain is located in Herald Square. With 198,500 m² and 10 floors of sales space, it is considered one of the largest department stores in the world.

New York City 34th Street Macys department store

St Marys Church Chilham

St Marys Church in Chilham is one of the historically significant churches in southeast england. It was the last known resting place of the shrine of St Augustine.

Kirche Chilham England UK

City Hall Aachen

The town hall of the German city of Aachen is considered one of the city’s landmarks. The magnificent building was erected in the 14th century on the foundation walls of a dilapidated palace building from the Carolingian period, which belonged to the imperial palace.

Aachen Rathaus Marktplatz Fotografie NRW

Izabella Utca Budapest

Izabella Utca in the Terezvaros district of the Hungarian capital Budapest. In this partly unrenovated street, one of the two Art Nouveau-style Lindenbaum houses in the center right of the panorama stands out. (Photography/Editing: Zoltán Kerényi | Jörg Dietrich)

Lindenbaum Haus in Budapest Art Nouveau Jugendstil

Industry Architecture Radeberg

This industrial building in Radeberg, Saxony, is now part of the Heidestrasse industrial park. In GDR times, it was one of the main buildings of the Robotron Kombinat.

Industriekultur Radeberg Architektur Saxony

Long Market Danzig/Gdansk

The Long Market (Langer Markt/Dlugi Targ) in Gdansk is the most important square of the old Hanseatic city. Here we see one of the street fronts on the square and the representative character of the old patrician houses (mostly post-war reconstructions) becomes very obvious.

Gdansk panorama streetline Poland

Zeil in Frankfurt

Already twice partial views along the Zeil were created for real estate calendar projects – but only in the sections required for the calendar format, never a complete view of the street front was finished. These two variants of the unfinished street front we show you here. The Zeil is Frankfurt’s most important shopping street. These panoramas also show the MyZeil shopping center.

Streetline Fassaden Panorama der Zeil in Frankfurt FFM, Hessen

Shopping Einkaufsstraße Zeil in Frankfurt Top Immobilien Hessen

Hainstrasse in Leipzig

The Hainstraße in Leipzig is the shopping street between the market square and the Brühl to the north. Already in the Middle Ages, the long-distance trade route Via Imperii led through Leipzig here. On the right side of the panorama, a war wasteland has been newly developed with a new retail building, which is currently used for the most part by Primark. To the left, the street continues in small-scale development up to the market.

Leipzig Sachsen Saxony Shopping Hainstrasse

Rue des Grandes-Arcades in Strasbourg

The Rue des Grandes Arcades (german An den Gewerbslauben) in Strassburg is also an important historical commercial street of its city. It is named after a row of arcaded houses on this side of the street.

Strasbourg Architecture Photography France Frankreich

Thus, after 15 city views, we are done with this third archive insight. What else could come? Take a look at our world map in the Streetlines section, where gray markers also show the far more than 5000 streets and places for which unprocessed material is in the archive. If you are interested in a completion of one of the shown streetlines, just contact us. And as mentioned at the beginning, if you want to support us in our work’ or even influence our streetline workshop, have a look at our Patreon-Profile.