Chemnitz exhibition on the City. Guess Game

The Face of the City

Currently, the exhibition “Die Stadt. Zwischen Skyline und Latrine” (The City. Between Skyline and Latrine) can be seen until the end of september 2021.

For this exhibition, we were invited to provide visual material to create an installation for guessing cities. Visitors are allowed to guess which city they see based on architectural styles, materials used and typical structures and colors. The conclusion is revealed by unfolding the picture panels.

The idea is exciting because in our streetline panoramas, cities are not recognized by their famous landmarks, but because of the typical face of its streets. It would be interesting to hear how this worked out with the recognition of the cities. Who was in the exhibition? Write us!

Istanbul erraten in Stadtausstellung in Sachsen Das Gesichjt der Stadt erraten in Ausstellung

PS: In fact, one city is very recognizable by its landmark in the panorama shown. Namely Chemnitz, here the famous Nischel (bust) of Karl Marx is emblazoned in the middle of the panorama!

Archaeological museum in Chemnitz City exhibition