The Big Apple in panoramic architecture photographs of streetscapes

In July 2019, our photographer Jörg Dietrich travelled the USA during his Germany Street Fronts exhibitions at various Goethe Institutes. There were more than two days available to document Manhattan in detail and record over 50 streets or square views for the archive. In the meantime, a number of streetlines have been finalised or prepared for test purposes (work in progress). Here we give you an overview of the material and a small insight into the facade character of New York’s urban canyons.

[Our finalised streetlines can be delivered individually as prints, unfinished streetlines can be finalised on request – just get in touch with us]

Harlem Manhattan Avenue in New York City, street panorama, Straßenansicht USA Amerika

Manhattan Avenue 116th to 117th Street | Harlem

This street block on Manhattan Avenue is located between 117th (left) and 116th Streets (right) and, with its iconic external fire escapes, creates a façade that is typical of New York.

Manhattan Fifth Avenue New York City Panorama streetline

Fifth Avenue | Midtown Manhattan | Saint Thomas Church

What is unusual about this perspective from 5th Avenue in the heart of Manhattan is the mix of time-honoured churches with high-rise architecture and the Peninsula Building.

Manhattan Park Avenue Street Front Facades in New York City

Park Avenue | Upper East Side

New York City Park Avenue

Park Avenue Illustration

Park Avenue, between 63rd and 60th Streets, and its typical Upper East Side apartment blocks. (Illustration by Ida vant Bilda)

What is challenging about photographing street facades in New York, as so often in metropolises, is the three-dimensional combination of skyscrapers, street canyons, ubiquitous construction sites and classic facades. In addition to the finalised street fronts shown above, we have already worked on a number of other street lines from New York to create test previews. We show you the following examples as work-in-progress. We look forward to your feedback and can prioritise the finalisation of a view in case of interest.

panorama photography New York City

PREVIEW | 14th Street with Salvation Army Headquarter

6th Avenue and Jefferson Market Courthouse in Manhattan

PREVIEW | 6th Avenue with Jefferson Market Courthouse

New York City Train Station Building Architecture Photography

PREVIEW | Pennsylvania Station, 8th Avenue | James A. Farley Building – old Post Office Building


Columbia University the Teachers College

PREVIEW | Teachers College, Columbia University

Stock Exchange New York City Wall Street

PREVIEW |Broad Street with the NYSE

Macy's department store in New York City

PREVIEW | Macy’s along 34th Street

NYC Manhattan Hearst Tower

PREVIEW | Hearst Tower | 8th Avenue

NYC 42nd Street Chanin Building

PREVIEW | 42nd Street | Pershing Square

There is also an early preview available of the street front at 59th Street (Central Park) including the Plaza and the Park Lane Hotel, which we can show you on request.

Other archived street fronts that we haven’t worked on yet include Radio City Music Hall, Madison Avenue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Columbia University and NYU at Washington Place amongst others.