Petersstrasse Panorama 2015

In 2015 Leipzig will celebrate its 1000 years anniversary and we will also release our first Leipzig calendar available in shops through a publishing house. The calendar “Leipziger Fassaden” (Leipzig facades) is published by the Lehmstedt Verlag and includes 12 street front views of saxonys largest city. We have included some of our known cityscapes from the archive, like the Grimmaische Straße and the Buntgarnwerke in Plagwitz, but we also added some newly created images. For example the title of the calendar shows a first section of the Petersstrasse, a panorama which is still work in progress.

The calendar is available in book shops in the format 45 x 33 cm for 14.90€. It is also available directly through Lehmstedt Verlag (plus shipping) or at online retailers like amazon.

Leipziger Fassaden Kalender Leipzig 2015 Bilder