New perspectives for small towns (Kleinstadt)

Location: Tuchfabrik Werdau, August-Bebel-Straße 87/89

We invite you to discuss the topic of small towns with us, immerse yourself in its diversity and rediscover it from a different perspective.

The highlight of our small town projects will be the exhibition festival Kleinstadt/Future in April.

KLEIN STADT SCHAU WERDAU – in shop windows around the cloth factory (Tuchfabrik) Werdau
(18. April – end of May)

Kleinstadt.Positionen – inside the gallery Tuchfabrik
(17.4.-30.4. – siehe Öffnungszeiten)

KLEINSTADT/FUTURE Workshop day with discussions, presentations and networking on April 30th

Stadtrundgang Werdau (noch unbestätigt – wird angekündigt)

Dieses Projekt wurde unterstützt durch die sächsischen simul+ MitmachFonds

Aue Erzgebirge Straßenzug Fassaden Architektur Fotografie

Aue / Erzgebirge


Why the topic of small towns?

Because it is the reality in many places. Small town is not a question of province or relevance. In countless cases, small towns mean a different approach. It means different perspectives and solutions for problems and structures. It means different challenges for the future than we know from the metropolises of our country. And this affects around 150 cities in Saxony alone. (5,000 – 50,000 p.e.), and there are well over 2,000 cities across Germany.

Jugendtsil und Gründerzeit in greiz, Vogtland, Thüringen

Greiz / Thüringen



We have invited a dozen small towns to show us their perspective on their city, urban development and special features. Together with a typical city streetline portrait, we present these as a window display around the Tuchfabrik. Discover a selection of regional towns from Saxony and Thuringia, as well as examples from Franconia and North Rhine-Westphalia. (18th April – end of May)


We have invited six photographers (m/f/d) to present their very personal view of small towns from their archive material. You can find our exhibition Kleinstadt.Positionen in the gallery of the Tuchfabrik from 17.4.-30.4.

Opening Times: Wed-Sat 14-18 CET, and on 30.04. during the workshop day

Thomas Bär | Kristin Neubecker | Frieder Bickhardt | Sebastian Wehrstedt | Ana-Maria Mincă | Sebastian Dämmler

Kleinstadt Fotos Ausstellung exhibition small towns

Credit: Sebastian Wehrstedt | Kristin Neubecker | Ana-Maria Mincă



30.04.2024 – Veranstaltungszentrum Tuchfabrik Werdau

We invite you to a day of discussions and presentations on the topic of small towns. Find out more about the federal Small Town Academy project, its pilot projects, projects from our invited small towns and the topic of industrial culture/grey energy, which is so relevant for towns in our region.


14:00 Admission and reception

15:00 Presentation of urban projects

16:00 Lecture and panel discussion ‘Small Town Academy’ – „Kleinstadt-Akademie“

Guests: Dr. Martin Benedict – Stadt Zwönitz (Smart City Projekt), Stadt Stadtroda (modell project „Kleine Städte. Große Vielfalt. Gute Zukunft.“)

18:00 Lecture on industrial culture / grey energy
Gäste: Fridtjof Florian Dossin (Bauhaus Universität Weimar / Institut für Graue Energie e.V.), Sebastian Dämmler (Industrie.Kultur.Ost)



Kleinstadt Schau Werdau Kleinstadt Schau Kempen Dinkelsbühl Kleinstadt Schau Werdau Schneeberg
Kleinstadt Schau Harz Fotografie Thomas Bär Kleinstadt Schau Suhl
Impressions of the exhibition


 Kleinstadt Schau Werdau Saxony Foto Ausstellung Schaufenster Werdau Werdau Sachsen Foto Ausstellung Tuchfabrik
Exhibition opening

Press Report: Freie Presse

Unser Veranstaltungspartner: Stiftung Tuchfabrik Werdau


Industriekultur Sachsen, Tuchfabrik Werdau Saxony