Dampfmaschinenmuseum Werdau Holzstrasse Industriekultur

The indsutrial culture exhibition “Industrie.Stadt.Bild” visits the hometown of our photographer

Exhibition at the Stadt- und Dampfmaschinenmuseum Werdau | 25.09.-06.11.2022

Adress: Museum Werdau, Holzstraße 2, 08412 Werdau

Industriearchitektur in Sachsen, Ausstellung Werdau

Impressionen aus der Industriekultur-Ausstellung in Werdau


Our exhibition „Industrie.Stadt.Bild“ was created in 2020 as part of the Saxon Year of Industrial Culture in cooperation with the Vogtland-Zwickau cultural region and was shown as a shop window exhibition in Plauen, Glauchau, Reichenbach and Crimmitschau. This was followed by an exhibition in the Zwickau Arcaden. The show is now the first solo exhibition of the photographer Jörg Dietrich in his hometown Werdau.

IFA Werk Industriekultur Werdau in Sachsen

As in the previous exhibitions, 16 distinctive and formative industrial buildings in Saxony are shown in linearised representations, which enable the perception of the complete, mostly extended, facades through the special photo technique. In addition, we show some local streetline views of Werdau, e.g. of the Werdau market square, the municipal Gymnasium (High School) Alexander von Humboldt, the former Central cinema in Ziegelstraße or the annual IFA oldtimer meeting in Werdau. Two more industrial buildings were also added to the exhibition, the former textile factory in Südstraße and the Schwalbe textile machine factory in Uhlandstraße.

Thüringer Wollgarnspinnerei A Reichardt in Werdau

The former Thüringer Wollgarnspinnerei in Südstrasse


The Werdau Town and Steam Engine Museum (Stadt- und Dampfmaschinenmuseum) is itself a place of Saxon industrial culture and displays a functioning large steam engine from 1899. In the course of industrialisation, the town of Werdau had the highest density of steam engines in Saxony, measured by the number of inhabitants of the small town, with up to 200 steam engines.

IFA Treffen in Werdau, Oldtimer Autos Cars Ausstellung

IFA Oldtimertreffen in Werdau, 2022


Two Werdau buildings were already portrayed and presented in the original exhibition. One was the Werdau railway station, whose future remains uncertain, and the other was the former IFA car factory on Greizer Straße. Further examples of Saxon industrial architecture show buildings from Crimmitschau, Reichenbach, Zwickau, Wernesgrün, Plauen, Aue, Chemnitz, Glauchau, Oberlungwitz, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Flöha or Hohenstein-Ernstthal.

Ernst Grube Werk Werdau Industriearchitektur

Das IFA-Werk an der Greizer Straße


Darüber hinaus können Sie unsere virtuelle Ausstellung „Industriearchitektur in Sachsen“ online oder per VR-Headset (über die Artsteps App) besuchen und dort auch die erwähnten Industriepanoramen sehen.

Panoramen Werdau Zwickau Oberlungwitz Industriekultur Reichenbach und Glauchau Panoramen

Impressionen der Schaufenser-Ausstellung in Glauchau


We would like to thank the Kulturraum Vogtland-Zwickau and the Museum Werdau for sponsoring and implementing the project “Industrie.Stadt.Bild”.