Grimma Markt Häuserzeile

Not even a month ago we were standing in the oldtown of the saxon city Grimma, admiring the intact city core and documenting some of the street blocks around the market square, knowing the city was a symbol of the so called “century flood” of 2002 and was completely reconstructed since then. About three weeks later the river Mulde again flooded the city and in june 2013 almost reached the height of the floodwaters in 2002 again. Once more the house owners and inhabitants of the historic city centre were victims of the Mulde flood and had to fear for their buildings and existence. Some of the street views we documented in may have been roughly assembled into a street montage now.

You can see the southern side of the market square, the Lorenzstrasse with a view towards the market square including the backside of the famous Renaissance town hall of Grimma, as well as the Lange Strasse with the western side of the marketsquare. Further documented streets of Grimma (see worldmap) include the Brückenstrasse with the eastern side of the marketsquare and the Klosterstrasse with the secondary school, the Gymnasium St. Augustin (UPDATE: These have now been rougly assembled and can be found below). Once we have worked on more views we will include them here.

Grimma Rathaus und Markt Panorama Grimma Markt Südseite Panorama Grimma Saxony GermanyGrimma Markt Ostseite Gymnasium St Augustin Grimma