Photography crowd funding project Berlin Paris

Some months ago we entered a project idea for the crowd funding contest of the Institut Francais Germany and here it is: We’re ready to go with the funding phase starting on sunday and running through till december 14th: German-French twin towns in streetline cityscapes

What is the plan? We want to portrait french twin towns of german cities with streetline cityscapes. In the end there will be an exhibition and the images will be published here, at 101 weeks 101 cities and some more fine wed addresses. And of course, crowd funding isn’t just about selflessly financing great ideas, the supporters should at least get something for it ūüėČ So it is mainly our archive of streetline cityscapes that we want to provide small or large prints off – fridge magnets to high class gallery prints. And some more fine things. So go and watch and read about the project in detail, but one more comment: Should we exceed the funding goal, we will bring in even more french twin towns!

The Crowd Funding Project!