Architektur Bilder Leipzig Lyon Ausstellung Bahnhof

ECHY 2018 Leipzig Germany Project

Hauptbahnhof Leipzig, February 2018

Together with the Institut Français we will present an exhibition for the european year of cultural heritage 2018 that will put the shared built heritage of both german and french cities into focus. We will answer the question, what makes up the european city, by presenting new perspectives on cities like Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux. We will add to that by discovering commonalities as well as distinct traditions of german and french cities.

Update 15.02.18: The exhibition has been opened last week and can be visited free of chrage till the second of march at central station Leipzig. Some first impressions:

PanoramaStreetline HBF Leipzig Ausstellung HBF Leipzig exhibition cityscapes streets

Leipzig Lyon Ausstellung Deutschland Frankreich Leipzig Lyon Panorama Ausstellung HBF

Leipzig Lyon Panorama Ausstellung Straßen Bordeauxs Münchens in Leipzig HBF

Partnerstädte Hannover Rouen Panorama Architektur Deutschland Frankreich Partnerstädte Leipzig Lyon

Die Straßen Frankreichs | Les rues d’Allemagne (The streets of France | The streets of Germany)

08.02.2018 – 02.03.2018 | Hauptbahnhof Leipzig | Promenaden

german-french twin towns in novel linearized streetscapes (Streetlines)

Leipzig-Lyon | Berlin-Paris | Hamburg-Marseille | Munich-Bordeaux | Dresden-Strasbourg | Frankfurt-Lyon | Stuttgart-Strasbourg | Hanover-Rouen

Photography crowd funding project Berlin Paris

Initialized by the Institut Français Germany we have worked on a project to portray french cities in Streetline views and pair them with their german twin towns for two years now. The results will be presented for the first time in 2018 an exhibition in Leipzig with a main focus on the Leipzig-Lyon partnership. The public Promenaden of Leipzig main station (Hauptbahnhof) with about 2 Mio. passersby a month are an ideal location for the exhibition. At this historic place in the centre of Leipzig we will not only attain the attention of locals but also tourists, travellers, commuters and businesspeople. Also international guests, arriving at Leipzig/Halle airport, as well as trade fair guests will arrive in Leipzig via the main station.

Dresden Neustadt Strassburg Petite France Panorama Bilder Stadtansichten

Thus we also invite people from Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Dresden, Stuttgart or Frankfurt to discover their cities and its french twin town in new perspectives. Furthermore our exhibition is an official contribution to the program of the european year of cultural heritage 2018 of the european commission – . That way our project helps to discover our shared european heritage and learn to know more about each other.

Exhibition Partner

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Supported by the City of Leipzig

If you would like to cooperate with us and support our preparations of the exhibition or if you have questions about it, please contact us. We also love to discuss options to bring the exhibition to other cities in Germany and France.

Your contact: Jörg Dietrich – 0049 (0) 152 28716619

more example images from the exhibition