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Frankenwerft / Rhine Garden / Carnival • Cologne • Germany
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Frankenwerft / Rhine Garden / Carnival • Cologne • Germany

The street front of a part of the oldtown shore along the rhine in Cologne. This part belongs to the so called Frankenwerft und lies between the Deutzer Bridge as well es the Heumarkt (engl. hay market) and the Fischmarkt (engl. fish market). It is also the border of the Martinsviertel, a part of the oldtown, which was renewed in the 1930s and rebuild after war destructions. Up to the 19th century, this area was an important part of Cologne’s harbour with the customs office. During the 1980s the main roads were moved underground into the Rheinufertunnel and hence a garden area, the Rheingarten which you see in the foreground, was established. On the far right of the panorama you see the church Groß Sankt Martin standing on the fish market. It is from 1172 and was rebuild in 1984 after its destruction in world war II. Unmistakably to be seen in the foreground, this image was taken on the begin of the Carnival on the 11th of november. On that day numerous people from Cologne or abroad celebrate the start of the Cologne Carnival time.

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